Gentlemen’s Refinery Standard After Shave Balm

You like that bracing feeling you get when you splash an alcohol-based aftershave all over your mug?

That bracing sensation is actually your face screaming at you.  Yeah, it hates you. Why?  Because alcohol is going to dry out your face and make you look like a raisin prematurely…

Don’t believe me?  Take it from Patrick Bateman

Gentlemen’s Refinery takes a different approach.  They take the absolutely highest quality ingredients, mix them together, and produce an aftershave that cools, calms, nourishes, and moisturizes your skin.

$40 seems a bit rich to you?  IT’S YOUR FACE…  and it’ll last at least 8-9 months, daily use.

$40 Standard After Shave Balm

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