Jonathan Ward’s Insane Watch Collection

If you don’t know who Jonathan Ward let me do you a favor and introduce you to his incredible work.  He takes old cars and trucks and makes them spectacular.  However, he doesn’t do a Pimp My Ride….you won’t find an Xbox in the trunk or a fridge in the backseat.  Instead, he takes old trucks:Broncos, Toyota Land Cruisers, etc and strips them down to their most crucial essentials while upgrading every aspect of the trucks core with technology. I like to think he builds what the original designers would have if money had been no object – and with Jonathan’s work it often isn’t as these beauties go for $150,000+.

He is a quirky guy that is doing some very cool work. But today we aren’t talking about his trucks.  Instead, we are taking a look at his watch collection which is so damn good it makes my soul hurt. Stick around till the end for Jonathan’s method of paying for these watches. It just goes to show that you can chip away at a watch purchase over time and it doesn’t need to be a painful wallet draining experience every time you make a purchase.

Talking Watches With Jonathan Ward from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

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