Possibly in Michigan

Some things can’t easily be categorized -this video is one of those things.  I can’t label it as good or bad, I simply know it terrifies me in a way that I  will never fully understand.

It will haunt my dreams for years to come. Enjoy!

Possibly in Michigan from FVANG on Vimeo.

I have gotten a request for more details about the video posted. I can’t imagine why it needs explaining.  But, for those who want more details- here you go.

From Electronic Arts Intermix:

Possibly in Michigan is an operatic fairy tale of cannibalism, desire and dread in Middle America, a densely collaged narrative in which Beauty meets the Beast in the surreal landscape of shopping-mall suburbia. Two women with a penchant for “violence and perfume” take revenge on their animal-masked male persecutor. In this contemporary rendering of gothic enchantment, victim becomes aggressor and the familiar becomes the fantastic. Condit reworks popular narrative conventions using black humor, sing-song dialogue, and ironically gruesome images. Constructing a comically grim fairy tale of dreamlike pursuit and sexual violence, she inverts traditional Freudian metaphors to impart a subversive voice to her transgressive heroines: “I bite at the hand that feeds me.” Possibly in Michigan is a classic tale of psychosexual horror, retold as an irreverent fantasy of the other.


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